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From: Edwards, Amber Dale
Sent: Friday, October 21, 2011 9:18 AM
To: Vanstrien, Amber M. (MU-Student); MU CVM Raptor Club;
Subject: Eyes in the sky! Ferruginous Hawk

Hello Everyone,

Please keep a look out for a Ferruginous Hawk in the Columbia/Central MO Area.  She was out on glove in the compound last night before she took off.  Still has jesses and swivel on!
If you see this bird please call or text(preferred) KT at 573-289-0435.  Kevin is currently out of town but would like to get his bird back.  If anyone is available to drive around and look during the weekend time as well that would be appreciated by Kevin & KT.  This bird should not behave like most of our forest dwelling species as it is from the plains where trees are scares to non-existent.  With nature you never know!

If you find the bird please keep a visual on the bird and try not to scare it away. The consequences of a bird with equipment are not pretty.

If you have walked past the mew with Dolly/Ginger in it but donít know what it looks like please check out the following site

If you canít get ahold of KT please donít hesitate to call or text my phone if you find the  bird.  I will be in Calloway County through the weekend for work activities but if you 911 text me I can get away to assist.  314-550-0201

Thank you for your help,

Amber Edwards
Education Coordinator-Prairie Fork

Volunteer Coordinator-Raptor Rehabilitation Project
College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri

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