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On Oct 14, 2011, at 10:57 AM, Edge wrote:

> Sites for late October are a mixed bag in location and habitat with one thing in common:  very few or no reports for late October in the SPARKS/CACHE database.  There is not a "dud" in these sites.  All have at least one special feature and many species possible.  Fill the tank, grab a map and GO BIRDING.
> Big Oak Tree SP, Mississippi Co.  Note:  all records from here appreciated--it's a long way from most birders, but one of our treasures
> Ha Ha Tonka SP, Camden Co.  Note:  One trip at a time, we're filling in gaps here.  Some parts of the park have had little coverage
> Pershing SP, Linn Co.  Note:  We have a great checklist, but are short on occurrence data--especially in fall
> Prairie SP, Barton Co.  Note:  another gem remote from large numbers of birders--late Oct should have great sparrows
> Weston Bend SP, Platte Co.  Note:  records are really slim/non-existent for late Oct. early Nov.
> Hi Lonesome Prairie CA, Benton Co.  Note:  this site really needs fall and winter site reports.
> Locust Creek CA, Sullivan Co.  Note:  this site, a new target area, has had very few visits.  Reports are likely to add to the site checklist.
> Perry Co. CL, Perry Co.  Note:  another new target area, it has had few visits, but is an exciting site--go find ducks, etc.
> Wah-Kon-Tah Prairie CA     Note: only 8 trips have been reported.  This is a premier prairie with GRPC present--go see 'em!
> Weldon Spring CA, St. Charles Co.  A popular place, but woefully neglected in lat Oct.  Who knows what may be lurking…
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