I was back out to the Thompson  River Wetland  late afternoon Thursday.  It was just breezy enough the birds really didn't want to set up in the open for good lucks. I managed to see 8 species of Sparrows in one small corner of the area though -

Fox - heard it's lovely song this time

Couple of brown Indigo Buntings popped up from thick cover also.

Bunch more Savannah, mostly flying away, out in the more windy open areas, and couple probable LeConte's,  that kept diving into the grasses.

The one Great Egret was still there, a Golden Plover, and 2 Least Sandpipers, among all the Killdeer, but no Pipits this time. One female Northern Harrier. Don't think they will be doing much Duck hunting out there this Fall unless we get some big rains!

I checked some CRP fields last two evenings for early Short-eared Owls, but didn't find any yet. Did see my first male Harrier for this Fall.

The lone Junco continues under the feeders in our yard.

Steve Kinder
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