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The individual chapters of Pat's book absolutely could serve as essays.  Each has its own well developed theme that is, of course, subordinated to her over all theme, yet each chapter can largely stand alone.  As stated in her preface, "My thesis is that the poems form an organic sequence, and provide a comic or absurdist improvisation on 'Dante's Commedia'.

In pursuit of her theme she uses an extreme in-depth analysis of the poems including word count and other forms of non-semantic analysis.  She delves much into the meaning of words from the cultural and historical setting of TSE, particularly his early life in St Louis.

For those scholars that reject technical analysis of poems, Pat's book would be unattractive. 

As I have stated the depth of her scholarship is immense especially as opposed to the abrupt and unsupported accusations of Julius.  Julius seems to always rest his case upon words to the effect of --"Well I am Jewish and I am affronted and appalled by these Poems" (Julius of course never said exactly this but I think I have given my sense of his book).

Well, Pat was Jewish also and she saw a completely different reading to the poems.  One not absolutely rooted in anti- Semitism.  Pat does not deny that TSE was probably, like his time, anti-Semitic.  He probably was, but she denies this as the best reading of the poems.

I think Pat's book is as tight a close reading of a small set of poems as any I have seen. 

One can agree or not agree with her analysis but the book deserves scholarly attention if only to exploit the wealth of material that Pat unearth in her research.

BTW there are several pages devoted to an area TSE scholarship much loved by the members of this list: the notes to TWL.

Rick Seddon
Portales, NM

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>Anyway, if there is any interest in discussion of her Burbank book, I
try to contribute.

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>BTW, in my reading of her book I found some of her positions to be
convincing and others not so.  Again, I would encourage all to read the
book.  If possible the reading should be done with Julius close at hand. 

Was Pat's book written with separate essays dealing with anti-semitism and treatment of Jews in the poems?  Or were her opinions on this included with the discussions of each of the poems she wrote about?

    Rick Parker