We met in Tower Grove Park St Louis City and continued on to Riverlands and the Confluence Rd in the afternoon..
Partial list of birds at TGP:
Wood Ducks, Cooper's Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, Am Robins, Red-headed Woodpecker adult and juvenile, Red-bellied WP, N Flickers, Downy WP, Olive-sided Flycatcher, VEERY, Golden-winged Warbler, Tennessee W, Nashville W, Chestnut-sided W, Magnolia W, Cape May W., Black-throated Green W, Black-and-White W, Am Redstart (many), Ovenbird, Wilson's W, Canada W, Red-eyed Vireo/s, Chipping Sparrow, N Cardinal, Blue Jays, WB Nuthatch, Common Grackles, Brown-headed Cowbirds, Am Goldfinch, House Sparrow.  There were a few small species that remained unidentified due to bad light, their vanishing into the fronds of the Bald Cypresses and other excuses.  Many thanks to our experts who did a terrific job in identifying so many in these circumstances.
Partial list of birds at Riverlands and Confluence Rd St Charles County:
Canada Geese, Mallards, Blue-winged Teal, Am White Pelicans, nesting Double-crested Cormorants, Great Blue Herons, Little Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Turkey Vultures, OSPREY (Jean C spotted her main target bird in flight and refound it or another from Lincoln Shields half an hour later), Bald Eagle, Am Kestrel,  juv. Horned Lark, Mourning Doves, Tree Swallows, Barn Swallows, flight of juvenile Brown-headed Cowbirds, Ring-billed Gulls, several Forsters Terns over river, Am Golden Plovers, (still looking for our first Black-bellied Plover). Least Sandpipers, a beautiful Baird's SP in good light, Am Goldfinch. 
The Marbled Godwit and the R-N Phalaropes and many others may have moved on in their migration.
It was a wonderful day to be out birding with almost cool temps and only road dust making us close our car windows from time to time.  Glad to read that a few more ducks were filtering in.
Jackie Chain
St Louis County
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