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Good post.

Because I was involved in the film, and I have not been released from the Non-disclosure agreement, I can not go into specifics. But the script reads well, and did not sound silly at all. I found it to be very real and quite human in the final analysis. But knowing who is involved- of course they are going to do things to add humor to the film. Humor is a device to bring barriers down and allow other emotions to identify with the story.

The fact that David Frankel is directing who did quite a few really good films- notably Devil Wears Prada- we are going to have to allow for some "poetic or artistic license". Now if I were directing- I'd be fair game for any inaccuracies to the tiniest detail. I don't think that is fair for him. And think about who the film is made for. Birders? Not really.

Steve Martin apparently really found it to be cool, but crumbles under peer pressure. viz a viz the appearance on Letterman a ways back.

Support the film & don't be too nerdy and we will gain millions of advocates, be highly critical and shut yourself in the closet. It is our choice so why not be Magnanimous!

I suspect there will be millions of newly converted through this film, so enjoy and Hey - it's hard to be humble, We Are Birders!
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Date:    Thu, 8 Sep 2011 09:51:29 -0500
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Subject: Swainson's Hawk in snow - Big Year trailer

Well guess it is a bit of a stretch (as one poster put it)
but possible in the higher elevations of Oregon and
See the thread on ID Frontiers on Siler's site:

I am just excited a movie about birding with
big named stars will be in the theaters.
Think I will re-read the book while waiting for
the movie to come out.

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