Drove up to Confluence State Park today and checked the mudflats at the pipeline area. I walked back to the levy where all the birds were last week and that pool is almost completely dry and held only a Killdear, Spotted sandpiper, a few Egrets and some Teal.

There is still a large pool of water that can be viewed from the road and is a couple of hundred yards long. It only held a couple dozen shorebirds and a large flock of Teal with some shovelers and a couple Pintails. The Peregrine was still on patrol and making the few birds there nervous. But overall bird numbers for this site are way, way down - at least when I was there at about 1030am.

There were 2 Caspian Terns and a flock of I believe Forster's terns at Riverlands.

I also drove by Columbia Bottoms and the area is very dry except for 1 Cattail Marsh that held a few Teal. They are starting to pump water at a couple spots off the gravel road, probaly for the upcoming teal season, but should have some pretty good water there in a few days.

Dave Haenni
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