In addition to supporting Mr. Barksdale's film, there are some other ways to help save the tallgrass prairie ecosystem and our beloved Greater Prairie Chickens. I first heard of the Flint Hills Legacy project a while back and thought that this may be the prairie chickens last, best hope. This ambitious project was initiated by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and basically partners with private landowners and other NGO's to preserve the Flint Hills prairie. Here is a link to the US F & W description:
Here is a link to another factsheet:
Here is a link describing The Nature Conservancy's role in the project:
More information can be found by google searching "Flint Hills Legacy Conservation Area."
Only 4% of our tallgrass prairie remains and 2/3 of what is left lies within the Flint Hills of Kansas. I urge anyone who cares about this unique ecosystem and it's indicator species, such as the Greater Prairie Chicken, to seriously consider buying a duck stamp (US Fish and Wildlife Service funding) or joining The Nature Conservancy (which also does great stuff at Dunn Ranch in Missouri) in order to support The Flint Hills Legacy Project.
Doug Willis
Liberty, MO
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