Dear Friends of the Tallgrass Prairie and the Greater Prairie Chicken,

Right here in our own backyard- so to speak - a slow crisis is brewing. Worse it is happening in an ecosystem the average person barely recognizes as anything more than a place - "it looks like where someone forgot to cut the grass." This quote came from one of our on the street interviews in Kansas City and you saw it in our opening video. 

Why Kansas City? It is built upon ancient prairie, was the entrance to the trails where hundreds of 1000's of our ancestors took the famed conestoga wagons across the sea of grass known as The Great Plains. But beginning as long ago as 1800, certain elements of our society began to consider this incredible region as The Great American Desert.

Living comfortably among the profuse beauty of these native grasslands are up to 400 species of diverse sedges & wildflowers,  countless birds nest and migrate both through and to here. Vast herds of bison and elk, once grazed in an intricate mosaic of fire singed land adjacent to primeval forest. Portions of the flocks of the most populous species to have ever lived on this planet skimmed over the edges and fed in the open savannahs.  Today, Passenger Pigeons no longer nest in vast colonies, no longer blot out the sun for days as streams that leading scientists now understand that were part of 35 Billion individuals. 

As opposed to another story of doom and gloom, we are trying to create a format of Hope and cautious Optimism. Because today our hero species still has at least 390,000 individuals. Greater Prairie Chickens once expanded along with human settlement. They responded to our presence and our introduction of grain. The presence of corn, wheat, oats, barley, rye and small grains on the ground, spilled during harvest or left on standing shocks allowed the carrying capacity of the prairie to increase. Greater Prairie Chickens and the east coast subspecies called the Heath Hen became so abundant our ancestors grew sick of eating them.

The keyword of our film is Balance.

This really is the trick- for human kind needs to figure out how to live in balance before we over-whelm, over-pollute and over-populate this Garden Planet. 

Greater Prairie Chickens are an amazing and singularly beautiful species and the goal of our film is to bring millions of people who have never seen or understood that these birds even  existed to a point of awareness, a point so sharp with understanding and love of bird and place, that we know we have to do something to prevent any further deterioration in this wonder land - the Heart of the Great Plains. 

We have folks who will be passing out postcards or even leaving them in coffee shops to get people to these videos so we can fund the remainder of this film. Please help in this effort.

We have a film, in the process of completion, which is important to every Missourian and every living being in the tallgrass prairie.

All my Best,


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