Hi all

I ran into an impressive fallout in the carpark of Devil's Icebox in 
Rock Bridge State Park, Columbia, this morning. I got there about 0700, 
and for the next three quarters of an hour I was treated to quite a 
show. It was hard birding - most of the warblers were moving fast 
through the treetops and most were hard to see because they were so high 
and against a bright cloudy background.

I did ID 12 Warbler spp.

Golden-winged (2 different birds)
Tennessee (few)
N. Parula (two)
Chestnut-sided (several)
Magnolia (1)
Blackburnian (several)
Black-and-white (several)
Am. Redstart (several)
Ovenbird (1)
Kentucky (several)
Common Yellowthroat (several)
Wilsons (at least two)

There were also lots of flycatchers - mostly Pewees but a number of 
Empidonax also. I was happy with Least, Acadian, Trail's and one 
Yellow-bellied, and I think the two Trails could well have been one of 
each species.

Also had an unIDed Cuckoo.

Later I went to Eagle Bluffs via the Katy Trail at McBaine. On the 
sewerage ponds at McBaine there were two Solitary, one Pectoral and 
several Least Sandpipers amongst the Killdeer, three Lesser Yellowlegs 
flying over and a Baltimore Oriole.

At Eagle Bluffs there were about four each of Least and Spotted 
Sandpipers, probably 20 Black Terns, lots of Green Herons, several DC 
Cormorants and a couple of Coopers Hawks.

Cheers, Chris.

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