Mr. Parker,
Thank you.  One must, of course, keep current and this is also extremely helpful for an article that I am writing about contemporary American poetry.
Eugene Schlanger
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The Jewish Daily Forward
Published September 16, 2011, issue of September 23, 2011.
T.S. Eliot's On-Again, Off-Again Anti-Semitism
Letters to Friends and Colleagues Repeatedly Denigrate Jews
By Benjamin Ivry

The Wall Street Journal
Bookshelf      September 17, 2011
Notes From King Bolo
Shifting between horror and hilarity, the early letters of T.S. Eliot
allow us to read his poetry in a more intimate light
By Abigail Deutsch

The Telegraph
Letters   Sunday 18 September 2011
New planning laws will destroy the landscape that TS Eliot loved
Development threatens East Coker.
SIR – We are currently fighting a proposal by South Somerset council
(Lib Dem) to build 3,700 new homes south of Yeovil. This development
threatens to engulf the 900-house village of East Coker, immortalised
in the eponymous poem by T S Eliot. [More]

Quite Enough of Calvin Trillin: Forty Years of Funny Stuff
By Calvin Trillin
T.S. Eliot and Me
At Google Books (some pages witheld)