if only to vindicate you, Rickard Parker -- an excerpt from the critique
"Only T. S. Eliot made a serious attempt to write a verse drama of the modern world ...[He] set out to make the expression of language at its most precise and 'heightened' the natural expression of a modern drama. He did not see poetry as more 'beautiful' than prose, more exotic and glamorous: but, on the contrary, as being able to explore regions of consciousness with a precision beyond the capacity of prose. It was his belief that a play's language was most dramatic when it was most intensely poetic. The project of the play could be the most dramatic of projects for the audience, too: a mutual exploration, with the author, of the most desolate and most exalted areas of modern consciousness."

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Thanks for the pointer.  A worthwhile read.

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> where "the verse has new levels to climb to"
> T.S. Eliot and Poetic Drama
> By Brian Johnston
> http://www.coursesindrama.com/modules/smartsection/item.php?itemid=153
> a fascinating critique
> CR