This is fascinating. It seems hardly possible that Eliot would not have
known of her film. Did you find any links on that?

>>> "Rickard A. Parker" 09/10/11 7:40 AM >>> 
In 1920 or 1921 Countess Marie Larisch (TWL's Marie) 
played herself in the silent movie "Kaiserin Elisabeth 
von Österreich." She was 40 years older than than the 
actress Carla Nelsen who portrayed her aunt, Empress 
Elisabeth (who was really about 20 years her senior.) 
I went looking for Marie on Youtube and found a short 
clip from the film showing the assassination of 

I didn't find Marie in this movie though so I changed 
some search terms and came up with Marie as portrayed 
in the Austrian musical "Rudolf." It looks as though 
the whole musical is online in a series of clips (with 
English subtitles.) Here is a link to "Rudolf" - part 
15/19 where the first 6 minutes has Rudolf giving a 
speech (partly in song) about Europe's democratic 
future. Marie makes her appearance at about 5:45 in 
to sing her worries. It appears that the cast was 
selected to all have forehead deformities but they 
are actually wearing microphones there. 

Here is a picture of the real Marie and Mary Vetsera 
together at the time: 

Rick Parker