thank you, Rick

(A couple of years ago I heard Ron Schuchard speak of Hughes and Eliot, and
their considerable affinity,
I had not hitherto fully appreciated the special place that Hughes occupied
in this regard (according to Ron, but he of all people should know !) -
sounded a lot like Hughes was being groomed to succeed Eliot at Faber - he
seemed very much the blueyed boy)



On 10 September 2011 14:49, Rickard A. Parker <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>  On 9/10/2011 5:56 AM, David Boyd wrote:
>> Interesting that Ted Hughes' mother, Edith Farrar, was a direct
>> descendant of the eponymous Nicholas of Little Gidding.
>> The name was given to Ted's son Nicholas, as his middle forename.
>> Doubtless Eliot knew of this connection, and I wonder if he ever
>> speculated or wrote about it, and whether it tinged some of his regard
>> of Hughes' work.
>> (Links to the nature-v-nurture conundrum - Hughes' father was but a
>> humble carpenter / Eliot's own ancestor, the emigranr from East Coker,
>> a working-class shoemaker (cordwainer)
>> David
> My first thought was whether Ted Hughes knew of the
> family connection himself.  Nicholas Ferrar died almost
> 300 years before Hughes was born. If Hughes knew this
> ancestry then I think it quite probable that TSE heard
> of it.
> As far as I know the only mention of Andrew Eliot that
> TSE made was referring to him as a member of the Salem
> witch trials (of which Andrew was a juror).  Though
> Andrew may have originally been a shoemaker he was a
> prominent member of Salem/Beverly and may have gone on
> to other things.
> One of the Stearns ancestors was Deacon Samuel Chapin,
> one of the early settlers of my old hometown.  About
> the time of Eliot's birth Augustus Saint-Gauden's
> sculpture, known as "The Puritan," honoring Chapin was
> erected there.  I haven't come across any mention of
> Eliot knowing of the ancestor or the sculpture although
> Gordon mentions the ancestry.
> A picture of the original large sculpture in its second
> location in Springfield:
> de378e33-2300-4b65-8938-**77d766b6e362<>
> The location of the sculpture is behind the people and
> the tree in this picture (with additional surprise
> sculptures):
> Regards,
>   Rick Parker