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100  Carlson, Melody. $t Inn at Shining Waters series   no2011137313
643  Nashville, Tenn. $b Abingdon Press Fiction

100  Cooke, Deborah. $t Dragon diaries  no2011131988
643  New York $b New American Library

100  Goss, Shelia M. $q (Shelia Marie). $t Lip gloss chronicles no2011131989
643  West Babylon, N.Y. $b Urban Renaissance

100  Graves, Sue, $d 1950- $t Our emotions and behavior no2011135090
643  Minneapolis, MN $b Free Spirit Pub.

100  Hatcher, Robin Lee. $t Where the heart lives       no2011137314
643  Grand Rapids, Mich. $b Zondervan

100  Hutton, John $q (John S.). $t Baby unplugged       no2011131992
643  Cincinnati, OH $b Blue Manatee Press

130  I like to read (New York, N.Y.)    no2011135091
643  New York $b Holiday House

100  Knaak, Richard A. $t Ogre titans   no2011137316
643  Renton, WA $b Wizards of the Coast

100  Meadows, Daisy. $t Night fairies   no2011131993
643  New York $b Scholastic

100  Oppel, Kenneth, $d 1967- $t Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein  no2011131994
643  New York $b Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

100  Patten, E. J., $d 1974- $t Hunter chronicles       no2011137317
643  New York $b Simon & Schuster

100  Pearson, Mary $q (Mary E.). $t Jenna Fox chronicles        no2011137318
643  New York $b Henry Holt

100  Peterson, Tracie. $t Bridal Veil Island    no2011135093
643  Bloomington, MN $b Bethany House

100  Service, Pamela F. $t Way-too-real aliens  no2011131996
643  Minneapolis, $b Darby Creek

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