I have been receiving the ALBIRDS listserve as I am planning a move to Alabama. This morning there was the following post.  I was instantly remembering Bob Fisher and his poems.  So since these posts are "published", I am passing it on..

Jane Allen
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St. Louis County 

[ALBIRDS] Summer In Fullness
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'Tis music to hear summer sing into fall.

Cicada in crescendo swell to final bars.
Crickets strum furiously their fragile guitars.

Bobwhite remembers spring's old sweet love song,
White-eyes whistle a summer so long.

An August breeze whispers, oh be not dismayed,
While summer in fullness is grandly displayed.

Drummers are seasons from winter's dark hall.
On occasion poetry refuses to be stifled.
Charles Kennedy
Greenville, Alabama

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