Re: WOOD STORKS at Kidd Lake, Monroe co, ILLINOIS

Just a friendly reminder............
Private Property surrounds Kidd Lake Marsh.
It is not always so well marked like property owners do in MO (purple 
You kinda' have to just know unfortunately and can easily get in trouble 
if you

At "entrance" to Kidd Lake Marsh Preserve (where the kiosk is with
hunter info, etc) this is an unnamed lane/road. One can drive down this 
road up
to the RR Tracks. Past the tracks, the road and land on either side is 
PLEASE do not go beyond the tracks and incite the ire of landowners.

Think these birds will stay in the area but unfortunately there is a LOT 
of favorable
habitat that is private and not accessible/or can be viewed from public 
They were re-found today, but I will not post the location as it was on 
private property.
Hopefully they will come back to a viewable spot along Bluff Road or at 
Kidd Lake.

Also a reminder to not walk onto the property on either side of Mitchie, 
Outlet, etc.
roads unless you have permission. This is private property.

PLEASE no flames, just trying to keep people safe and not tick off the 
locals, NOT
trying to be the Behavior Police.

ALSO......some info that Carl Daubac gave me this AM. Last time Wood 
Storks were found
at Kidd Lake was August 8, 1963 by none other....Wally George..!! :-)

Oh yeah, please post if the Buffies are re-found or Uplands somewhere in 
co.... There are several still looking for these birds.

MANY thanks for your co-operation.

Now.... gotta' do something besides e-mails and phone calls.
Good chasing,
Charlene Malone
St. L co.

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