Tom Bormann and I birded Riverlands and Two Rivers today, ending early at around 4:30 pm

At Riverlands: 48 Least Sandpipers and about 50 Killdeer resting in a plowed field along Cora Island Road; 15 or so Bl. Crowned Night Herons in Wood Stork pond; 8 Prothonotary Warblers along the levee next to Wood Stork Pond; Am. Golden Plover in Heron Pond; Cooper's, Red-shouldered and Red-tailed Hawks; Caspian Tern and one black headed gull with extensive white wing tips and dark wings (not positive that I was seeing what I thought I was seeing)  that got away from me as I drove up to Heron Pond at 6:40 am. Usual other stuff. Heard Sedge Wrens, but they did not respond to our pishing.

At Two Rivers: 3-400 shorebirds, of which: 2 Wilson's Phalaropes, 1 or 2 Buff-breasted Sandpiper, 1 Western Sandpiper (nice classic bird), Semi and Least Sands, Semi Plover (several), Lesser Yellowlegs, Spotted Sand, Pectoral Sand, possible Dowitcher ('seen' independantly but we could not refind when we walked closer-might be a trick of poor lighting and long distance).
The light was extreme and turned at least one of the SemiPlovers into a Piping; we calculated the odds and decided not to walk closer, standing pat for a SemiPlover.

Dave Rogles
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St. Charles County

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