Hey all,

My wife and I went down to Eagle Bluffs last night after the first round of
storms rolled through.  At the corner of K and Star School Road, we found
5-10 Lark Sparrows, some on the power lines and some on the soybean fields.
 We both got pretty good looks at them, which was really cool.  I think this
is my FOY sighting so that was nice!

There were no shorebirds besides 2-3 killdeer in the Katy Pool, which were
heard, not seen.  The water is very high throughout EBCA "proper" and there
is evidence that the creek has been up over the berm on the back 1-way loop.
 All of Pool 14/15 is flooded.  The distribution channel is flooded except
for the main islands beyond the 'pump house'.  The corn fields east of the
main road opposite the distribution channel are so far clear.

No Great Egrets or Sandhill Cranes this time, though we did see maybe a
dozen Great Blue Heron.  Had 3 Green Heron flyover near Pool 10/11 and 1
Night Heron called from within Pool 11 (not sure what type).  I was hoping
for a Least Bittern, but the mosquitoes made it a little "too natural" for
us to stick around long w/o some serious DEET.  Only ducky waterfowl seen
were Wood Ducks, 1 female hanging out in the distribution channel, 1 female
w/ 3 ducklings on the back 1-way loop, and a pair off in the distance in
Pool 15, but the crest was visible in the male's silhouette.  We did not see
any Terns.  We also saw 1 Belted Kingfisher on Star School Road at the first
90* turn off K.

Most common species were the usual: Indigo Bunting, Dickcissel, and Common
Yellowthroat.  Also had 2 Eastern Kingbirds by the 'pumphouse'.  No Bell's
Vireo though. *sigh*

The scenery was absolutely beautiful in the cool, clear evening after the
storm.  My wife got some great pictures, as usual.

Cheers and good birding to you all, SO GLAD FOR THIS COOLER WEATHER!!!

-Chase & Katie Darr
Columbia, Boone Co., MO
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