Hey all,

I was driving down Old Nifong Rd near the "Nifong Connector" on the way to
work this morning and saw a pair of squat, gray birds on the power lines
over a field.  I let off the gas to slow down a little bit (cars behind me)
just in time to see one turn its head and flash a thick black eyeline.  It
did not have the relatively long tail I would expect of a Mockingbird, so I
turned around at the end of the road and went back, but the pair were gone.
 I'm pretty sure they were Loggerhead Shrike, but I could not confirm it.  I
wanted to put a heads-up in case others might be birding this weekend.  I
know Nick March has seen a Loggerhead Shrike over the intersection of
Providence / E Old Plank Rd earlier this year and it's good habitat for
them.  I will be checking tomorrow morning.

Cheers and good birding,

Columbia, Boone Co., MO
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