Semi-quick post.

Tuesday, 8/9

MO birds
Water is UP at RMBS
Little habitat in Ellis Bay or Linc Shields.
Only shorebird habitat is front of Heron Pond, Stateline Pond
(on way to dam, MO side), Cora Island Rd (75+ birds), Wood Stork pool
(ag. field at 90 degree curve gravel road to dam on MO side. Trespass
at one's own risk)

CONFLUENCE SP remains CLOSED and probably will be for some time.
Check in at the trailer/office during weekdays to see if they will open
anytime soon.... RMBS office knows nothing about this area.
Probably all kinds of good birds at the pipeline pond and/or other fluddles
if they have not dried up.
Oh well.

FINALLY heard SEDGE WRENS, but not between Heron Pond/maintenance sheds
but the field next to Teal Pond south to Red School road. Never heard 
them near
Heron Pond.

Talked to Dan K about shorebirds and habitat.
Best habitat at Two Rivers (he had several Uplands in the new overlook 
Mitchie & Outlet, also JB Bridge "lake" in Monroe co (but there are several
pools to find if one drives Levee road as much as you can)
Don't forget to check Kidd Lake.

Dan said he had 2000+ shorebirds in the Mitchie/Outlet road area.
Mostly pects and killdeer but never know what will be seen one day to
the next. Bird the fronts (shorebirds move in front of weather systems)
B-N Stilt numbers are 200+ in Monroe co.

Shorebirds at Carlyle are confined to parking lot fluddles and one needs 
to make a VERY early
visit to see them before they are dispersed. The numbers might have been 
low, but
they are getting good variety.

Best times to bird all these areas mentioned above is early AM or evening.

All this could change as we continue to get little rain and pools will 
be drying.

Good birding,
Charlene Malone
St. L co.

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