The Audubon Society of Missouri is pleased to announce the debut of our
brand new website that has been several months in the making.  Some of the
new functionality includes the ability to manage your ASM membership online,
including an option of using our PayPal account for paying by credit card.
Meeting registrations will also be done online and you will have a choice to
pay by credit card or mail a check to the treasurer.  ASM members will have
access to parts of the site not open to the general public.


The new site provides higher security for both your personal information as
well as for all the birding data we have collected over the years.  This
will require that most of you create a new account with a user name and
password of your own choosing.  (A number of people have already created
their accounts for testing and other reasons and you are good to go.)
PLEASE create your new account, especially if you had one in the old site,
as soon as possible so the remaining pieces of the site can be completed.
Just click on the Create Account link on the home page and follow the
bouncing ball.


We would be remiss in not thanking the people willing to spend time testing
the new site, giving us their ideas, and making this rendition the best it
can be.  The images of birds that pepper the pages were photographed and
provided by Jason Harrison.  A special thank you to Ann Johnson for her
incredible dedication to developing and implementing such a high quality
website. (I wish Ann would move to Missouri, but we'd have a "War Between
the States of Iowa and Missouri" if that were to happen.) There are still
some pieces missing and the documentation form will hopefully be back up and
functioning by next week.  A few CACHE and SPARKS reports await the creation
of new user accounts so we can tie your trips to you.  If you find other
things missing that you've used over the years, have any problems with the
new site, or even find something as simple as a typo, please send a message
to the webmaster right away so we can take care of things.


We hope you enjoy the new look and new functionality. To test it out, why
not register for the ASM Fall Meeting right away?


Ann Johnson & Patrick Harrison




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