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Website has a trip planning section.

Bird finding guides
1) Lane ABA Florida Bird Finding Guide by Bill Pranty ( to my knowledge, 
THE FL authority)
What most birders have used in the past.
Link to new copies below but maybe someone can loan you a copy.
(published in 1996) 

2) A Bill Pranty authored book, published in 2005 so would have updated 

3) Birding Florida by Brian Rapoza
Different author, newer & cheaper guide to finding FL birds. NO 
experience with this guide.
Purchase at your own risk.

BTW, when I have given links to books that are sold on I give 
them because of the following: one can get an idea of what the book is 
like, ballpark price AND most importantly, REVIEWS of people that have 
purchased these books.
The more info one can obtain, the better purchase one can make.
I do not do this to advertise or endorse purchasing books from this 
Where one chooses to purchase any birding reference material is that 
individual's ultimate decision.

Also,  in MO one does not pay taxes when purchasing books from
(well... yet).

Hope this helps.

Good birding,
Charlene Malone
St. L co.

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