It has been so hot that I’ve been eating a Popsicle treat every so often. The sticks have these really bad jokes on them. Some are bird related so I saved them to share with you guys when the birding was really slow. Now seems like a good time to begin sprinkling you with some of them.


Q: Why did the turkey have to leave the supper table?




A: He was gobbling his food.


Ok, I hear your groans. Remember the delete button if you don’t want to read any more of these!


On a bird sighting note the blackbirds are still increasing in numbers at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area in southern Boone County. I searched hard for a Yellow-headed without luck. I’ll keep at it. I did see several Black Terns and the Least Tern reported by others when I was down there last night.


Susan Hazelwood

Columbia, MO

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