Wow! Great day. I just saw the male painted bunting out back for the first time in probably three weeks. I had given up hope on him, figuring he flew south in search of cooler weather, but not only did he make an appearance at the feeder this morning (which is doing a lot of business), he also spent a couple minutes chasing around an immature cardinal, pestering it and pecking at its feet. I've never seen that behavior in a painted bunting before, but I also haven't had the chance to really observe them much either.
It was good timing on PABU's part to come back today - we are enjoying all sorts of snacks at work in celebration of reaching 50 species on our office list. I brought a cake with a killdeer on it (picture on ASM Facebook site). My boss, who likes to try to get under my skin, brought fried chicken.
Have a great weekend!
Amy J. Hoffman
Jefferson City
Cole County
Food helps those who help themselves.
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