On July 22nd I sent the following message to Tom Schultz who was listed as the contact person on the Missouri Falconer's Association website, asking for help in finding a falconer for one of the Midland Empire Audubon Society's fall/spring programs.
Even after a 2nd message/request, I have had no replies so I am seeking help from the MO-BIRDS community.
If anyone out there knows of a falconer I could contact please reply off list to my address:
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Thanks in advance for any suggestions,
Frances Cramer
Buchanan County, St. Joseph, MO
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Mr. Schultz:
I am a member of the Midland Empire Audubon Society here in St. Joseph, Mo.
This group is in the process of setting up a program/field trip schedule for the fall/spring season of 2011-2012.
In the process of running through ideas, the question of a Falconry program/demo came up. I was asked to check into the possibility of someone near St. Joseph being able to provide something like this.
I found the Missouri Falconer's Association web site listing you as a contact and thought you might be able to help me find such a person.
Do you know of anyone in the northwest area of Missouri that we could contact to see if they would be willing to present this type of program/demo?
I would appreciate any help you could offer.
Thank you,
Frances Cramer
Member of Midland Empire Audubon Society
and The Audubon Society of Missouri 
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