Dear Birding Friends, 


Burroughs Audubon, the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the National Audubon
Society, has established the Robert G. Fisher Youth Education Fund in honor
of Bob's dedication to birding and the influence he had on others, both
young and old, alike.  Monies donated to this fund, while not yet
specifically earmarked, will be used to promote and engage youth in the
wonderful pastime of bird watching. It is Burroughs Audubon's hope that
Bob's legacy will go well beyond his life, providing opportunities to new
birders, thus carrying forward his love and passion for our feathered
friends. Initial ideas generated by the Board and its Donations Committee,
which will oversee the Fund, include the creation of a metro-wide Youth
Birding Club and continuing the expansion of the Wings Over Weston birding
festival for school children and families.  


Bob Fisher was a mentor who had a great depth of birding knowledge and
skill.  He was full of passion and in Patrick Harrison's words, "He was a
New Yorker who lit the fire of birding in me and applied a gentle fanning of
the embers over time to keep me interested and going." After his passing,
Edge Wade wrote to the Missouri LISTSERVE and said "Bob was the
quintessential birder.  Highly principled, independent, ready to share
birding knowledge as well as opinions.  He led, he followed, he set a high
bar.  He will be missed by people who never met him in person.  He was a
connection--among Missouri birders and from past to present.  He was known,
respected and appreciated by birders far beyond our state borders, many with
names all American birders recognize.  We owe him much."   


The next WingBeat (A Burroughs Audubon publication) will feature an article
about Bob, and at the urging of one of Bob's dear friends from Texas, it has
been forwarded to Bird Watcher's Digest and Birding Magazine.  This article
will also appear in Audubon Society of Missouri's publication The Bluebird.
If you don't receive WingBeat or The Bluebird, please contact me off list
for a copy of the article.


There is no doubt that many will miss Bob Fisher and his impact on the
birding community. We hope you'll consider a gift to the Robert G. Fisher
Youth Education Fund to help us continue his legacy and pass along the world
of birding to future generations.  To donate to the Robert G. Fisher Youth
Education Fund, please send your tax deductable donations to Burroughs
Audubon Society, C/O Marilyn Koshland, 24406 Timberlake Trail, Greenwood,
Missouri 64034.  Please memo: Robert G. Fisher.  


Christine Kline

Board Member ~ Friends of Squaw Creek and Burroughs Audubon Society

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