Quick post for St. Louis birders only.

Went up to Two Rivers NWR, Calhoun co, ILLINOIS yesterday.

Shorebirds were limited to the fluddles in front of the new
boardwalk/observation platform next to Calhoun Marsh
Road (old Pump station road) and pools along the main
highway on the way to this road.
Several hundred shorebirds there, could not ID all of them
(got call for RMBS Ibis - thanks Al!) but easiest to ID were
the dozen  or so SEMI-PALMATED PLOVERS.
NO Buffies seen by us.
But could be there as they are being reported in the Midwest.

BTW, Tom Bormann found an UPLAND SANDPIPER in Monroe
county, ILLINOIS at Reichmann Road and Road "B"
Mostly west of Fountain the town.
The bird was IN the road, no habitat to speak of.
He said lots of shorebirds between Mitchie and Outlet Roads, but
could only be viewed from Levee road at some distance.
Maybe he can elaborate.

Time to hit the sod farms IF there is any grass left from no rain
and many being planted in soy beans.

Also heard through the grapevine that there a lot of shorebirds at 
Clarence Cannon
NWR, Pike co., MO but one has to walk half mile to get to the 
observation tower
and the birds are still a LONG distance away. Would be an super early AM 
before the heat shimmer takes over.

My PSA for the week.
Let the squabbling/nitpicking begin. ;-)

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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