My route to Grand Pass CA today took me on Hwy 65 between Carrollton  
and Waverly.  Two lanes of traffic are now open, but sandbags take up  
shoulder and pavement space, and traffic was heavy, so I could not  
stop to scope the acres and acres of mud and shallow flood water.   
But I saw shore birds in the air at a distance, and perhaps 250 Great  
Egrets, mostly on the west side of the highway.  I'd like to figure  
out a way to see what's there because it is reasonable to assume  
there are more species besides egrets, but it is entirely private  
land with no place to stop or park.

It was noon when I crossed the bridge so I drove into Waverly on Hwy  
24 and ate lunch at the Waverly BBQ.  I recommend the brisket  
sandwich!  Other customers had good looking plates piled high with  
fried catfish or slabs of ribs.

The area of Grand Pass I was able to access is largely in row crops.   
There is some water in ditches, but no mud visible.  The one-way road  
I'm accustomed to driving along the main river levee and around to  
the forested west side of the CA was closed to vehicles.  I hoped to  
see if there was any mud in the northwest part.   Indigo Buntings,  
Common Yellowthroats, and Dick Cissels drowned out other songs.   
There were two flocks of Purple Martins perched on lines at the  
headquarters--about 50.  One Sora and I startled each other.   Full  
list on CACHE.

June Newman

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