A small group of Grand River Audubon members made the trip to Helton Praire Natural Area, Harrison Co. Friday morning. Always a nice variety of plants to view and try and identify. Lots of neat Butterflies too. Bird highlight was an Olive-sided Flycatcher on a dead tree along the roadside. We also enjoyed Sedge Wrens singing around us out on the Praire, and a few Bobolinks moving around. Lots of other of the expected birds around too. Unexpected was an immature Red-shouldered Hawk on a large hay bale. Heard an Upland Sandpiper at McNeely Acres, Daviess Co. when we were looking around there.

I checked out Thompson River Wetland this afternoon after a little cool front and a little rain last night. I had one UPSA walking around in the vegetation. Otherwise not much in the way of shorebirds. I enjoyed watching several Forester's Terns and 15 Black Terns. There were a few RB Gulls too. Saw 8 Green Herons, but not the Black-crowned Night Heron this time. Few birds singing out there today, but were several Bobolinks around. Saw 3 male Blue-winged Teal at the north end. Had been expecting some to come in this week.

Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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