I did some rambling around this morning thinking the rain might bring some more shorebirds down. Well, it turned out there wasn't much rain in this area, and few shorebirds around. I stopped first at the Linn Co. WRP site, but only found a few Least Sandpipers along with several each Spotted and Solitary Sandpipers, the only ones beside Killdeer. Had Bobolinks and Sedge Wrens again but not much else. Did hear a Carolina Wren singing nearby. Had two CAWR in the backyard before I left.
   I went on down to Swan Lake where there were even fewer shorebirds, not much habitat there though. I did find 4 Upland Sandpipers in the fields. Saw a loose flock of about 20 Dickcissels in another area of tall vegetation.
 I watched couple of very recently fledged Eastern Kingbirds as I went through Fountain Grove CA.
  Seems to be a Lull in the shorebird migration right now. I checked Thompson River area last eve - not much there either. Maybe if we get rain next few days or another cold front?

Steve Kinder
Livingston Co.
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