The Tricolored Heron found by Josh Uffman Saturday was refound Sunday morning, and it took a group effort.  Paul and Barb Johnson, Dick Palmer and I looked in the area that the heron was found yesterday but had no luck.  Independently we all ended up walking the levee from the Orton Road parking lot at the back of Heron Pond.  The Tricolored Heron was found in Heron Pond between Riverlands Road and the levee at about where the willow trees on the right hand side end.  We watched him wade in the water and extend his wings to shade the water for better visibility.  Jack Cowan joined us as the heron flew into some bushes but he was able to get his scope on the bird.  
Earlier Dick Palmer had found approximately 100 Cattle Egret around the pond where Riverlands Road makes a 45 degree turn left towards the dam.  There were also about 60 Ring-billed Gulls, a number of Black-crowned Night-Herons in the trees to the left of the levee, and many White Pelican.   
In Ellis Bay, there was a Semipalmated Plover, a few Least Terns, Spotted, Pectoral & Least Sandpipers and a Sanderling.  Cora Island Road produced a Lesser Yellowlegs, Solitary, and Least Sandpipers. 
Pat Lueders, Webster Groves, MO
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