I returned to Forest Park yesterday to see if the male Eastern Bluebird might have a female companion, and that turned out to be the case. I checked with Chris Ferree, the Forest Park Forever naturalist, and he confirmed that a nesting pair of Eastern Bluebirds had fledged one brood already this summer. Last summer the species began nesting in FP from which two broods fledged.

P.S. While observing the EABLs, a RED FOX trotted towards me until scampering off in another direction once in caught my presence. 

P.S.S. When I first arrived, I startled what I"m almost positive was a RED-SHOULDERED HAWK. I didn't hear it's call, so I'm not absolutely certain. The visual identification marks were all there, but I had to try to assess its ID as it flew off into the trees.  I also spoke with Chris Ferree about this possibility, and while they've been observed during migration, they have not been a summer resident in recent memory. Since I travel through the park weekly, and haven't heard the RSHA there before (if it was indeed a RSHA), it was most likely a vagrant.

Bob Bailey 
St. Louis, MO 
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