Al et al,
I have used the BirdsEye app and it is all you have said it is.  I have in fact used it on trips.  It was very helpful on our early May trip to SE AZ.  It helped us find a red-cockaded woodpecker in LA earlier this year.  I find useful the known hotspots (i.e. NWRs, "Gaddy" in TGP, etc.) which shows me what has been seen and how recently for a particular spot. 

David Starrett
Cape Girardeau, MO

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> The major, and probably the only nitpick other then timing is how the data
> is finally viewed on eBird. Upon drilling down to a bird on eBird a dropdown
> list shows all the sightings with the date and reporting person. But all
> data exported from the cache/sparks only shows it was from the cache/sparks.
> The reporting person is completely lost.
> As to timing, eBird usually displays data the next day. I also use
> for recent sightings which also shows ones not verified yet.
> "Notable US eBird Sightings" box added to page which can be changed to view
> any state.
> The most important app is the one I have on my iPhone, "BirdsEye". I can be
> anywhere in the US and see a map with pins showing birding locations for all
> reported bird sightings. Each of these pins on the map will show a list of
> sightings as recent of yesterday, depending on what's entered in eBird. This
> app has "notable sittings and rare birds" which covers all of eBird in US.
> Example: 1st entry is Masked Duck (w/photo), 3 days ago, Sabal Palms. If I
> then click "rare" at the top I get 9 entries for Sabal, 2 days ago up to 3
> wks ago. I can't imagine how useful this will be traveling as I can view
> every birded spot around me no mater where I'm at.
> Just my .02
> Al Smith
> Bridgeton, St. Louis County
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