Lois and I were there Tuesday afternoon and we saw two adults visit the
nest. This is five days after last Thursday. Neither had a really long tail
so I'm guessing one  must be a young male.  In one of my videos,, four babies are seen with their mouths wide open at
the 11 sec. mark. I stacked all my extenders 2x+1.4x+500mm trying to get a
decent video. Look at lower left of "hour glass" shape opening top center of
hickory tree.

Photos and videos here.
See this map for locations. Road spur with barrier has excellent scope views
of nest.

Two male Blue Grosbeaks also visited the nest tree plus a Vireo. Not sure,
maybe Phil? need confirmation. The STFL's quickly chased off the BLGR's. 

Off in the distance we saw an accipiter, Coop or Sharpie? being chased by a
Kestrel and blackbirds. A Red-tailed Hawk also sailed by.

We also found the Western Kingbird nest and one WEKI on the telephone pole
across from the storage place on Feise Commercial Drive. 

Al Smith
Bridgeton, St. Louis County  (admin)

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