For those who haven't read it -- the Harvard review:

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In the copy for the book found on the page for which CR gives the link can be found this interesting bit: "Miller challenges long-held assumptions about Eliot’s poetry and his life. Eliot himself always maintained that his poems were not based on personal experience, and thus should not be read as personal poems." So apparently TSE was incorrectly quoted on some occasions; a more accurate quote about his famous grouse with life would have been that it was impersonal.....right? Actually, Eliot referred to his own poetry as esoteric. I don't recall his ever saying that it was not to some degree based on his personal experience; only that competent critics would not find the significance of it in his private life. Reading the rest of the paragraph that the two sentences quoted above begin, it appears that Miller wishes to establish everything but the poetry's significance.

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Peter, I searched "eliot emotional springs" -- that's what I abstractly remembered of it -- at Google and the quotation came handy at 

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Any idea of the source for that quote CR?

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a celebration of being an American 
"I’d say that my poetry has obviously more in common with my distinguished contemporaries in America than with anything written in my generation in England. That I’m sure of. . . . In its sources, in its emotional springs, it comes from America." 
TS Eliot