I just wanted to put a brief update up regarding water levels at Eagle Bluffs.  I'm sure everyone is aware of the flooding so far this season and concerns about levee stability in the McBaine bottoms.  Fortunately the levee that had everyone concerned has been reinforced with lots of fill dirt and it is no longer a major concern from a flood control standpoint.

We have not yet had a flood event high enough to overtop any of our levees on Eagle Bluffs, but we are routinely monitoring water levels and manipulating flow to store water when the river is high (and release water when it is low enough).  The record releases from the Gavins Point dam has caused river levels to fluctuate up and down for most of the month of June but so far we have avoided major flood conditions.  Herons and egrets have shown up in high numbers in the south end of the area as gates that are opened to Perche Creek have replenished fish populations.

So far Eagle Bluffs is still above water, and the latest forecast shows the river cresting over the weekend without coming high enough to hurt us.  We're still open for business so feel free to come out.  And high water isn't such a terrible thing - this morning we had half a dozen American white pelicans on the far west edge of pool 14 (near the big water control structure that links pools 14 and 11), we had a male ruddy duck in breeding plumage in the middle distribution channel (just below the southernmost pool 5 parking lot), and we've had double-crested cormorants using the northern channel of pool 15.

Thanks, and good birding,

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