Here's a June 26 Corps of Engineers photo looking west toward Big Lake and 
Rulo from Fortescue.  Big Lake in the trees (you can see the water tower) is 
totally obliterated/inundated and it looks like the river is at least 5 miles wide.

The "small" stream in the foreground is Little Tarkio Creek.  The line going 
across the water is the BNSF rail line from Rulo and the main route for coal 
going to Missouri's largest coal plant at Iatan.  The BNSF line of course is 

With the Corps saying this flood could last through August things look very 
grave for Squaw Creek as its press release notes.

All Missouri River auto bridges between Plattsmouth, Nebraska (by Omaha) and 
St. Joseph, Missouri are currently closed and St. Joseph is reported to be 
considering closing its U.S. 36 bridge.

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