I spent some time in a decent woodland on the north side of Smithville Lake this morning.  I thought I would take advantage of one of the last cool mornings for a while....   Much of the typical species...Great Crested Flycatchers, E. Wood Pewees, N. Parulas, Red-headed WP, Red-bellied WP, imm Hairy WP, BG Gnatcatchers, Crows, Cooper's Hawk, and I had Ruby-throated Hummingbirds perusing the understory trees.   I also had a bobcat walk within 10 feet of me and never knew I was there (totally camo outfit).  Pretty cool!!

As I drove back on Springtown road,  I had a family of Loggerhead shrikes on the roadside and three Double-crested Cormorants fly over.

Pretty enjoyable morning with the cool weather and all the lush vegetation and a multitude of various spiders and webs throughout the timber...

Terry L. Miller
Kearney HS
Clay Co.,MO
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