I am now looking at the male painted bunting behind my office for the 3rd time. 
He's been in the same tree each time. A few people had contacted me about coming 
to try to spot him, and I discouraged them, thinking his visit was a fluke. If 
anyone wants to try for it, I now think it would be worth it. I am just a few 
blocks from the Baileys, where he and Mrs. PABU have been visiting feeders from 
time to time, so between the two locations, you might be able to see one or 
both. (I haven't seen the female here.) Directions for my office below. Contact 
Steve and Regina Garr at Birds-I-View for information on the Baileys. I can't 
recall their exact address, but I know they don't mind birders coming by.

You are welcome to come by my office, but PLEASE BE AWARE: We are having a class 
Wednesday and Thursday and so will have guests in the building and people parked 
in back. Please be considerate of our guests. They pay our bills - and my 
paycheck. You may use the parking lot, or you may park on Onyx and watch from 
the street - either way should afford you a good view if PABU shows up and uses 
his favorite tree.

Missouri Association of Insurance Agents
3315 Emerald Lane
JC, MO 65109
PABU has been at the top of a tall tree at the very west end of the back parking 

From Mo. Blvd by Barnes and Noble:
Take Wildwood between Lowes and the gas station
Turn Left onto Emerald
Turn Right onto Onyx
Turn Left into MAIA's back parking lot.

From Hwy 179:
Turn West onto W. Edgewood
Turn Right onto Onyx
Turn Right into MAIA's back parking lot.

Amy J. Hoffman
Jefferson City
Cole County
Food helps those who help themselves.

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