Hello happy birders!
I was bouncing around the back parking lot with my binoculars over lunch today when what to my wondering ears should appear but a bird song - which, like all bird songs, I didn't recognize. But I thought it sounded like something small and seed-eating, and no other birds were out in the heat of high noon, so I tracked it down, and found PABU, my painted bunting! (I don't usually name wild animals, but somehow this guy has aquired the moniker of his code, pronounced paw-boo). No sign of his girlfriend, but shortly after I spotted him, he flew off to another patch of woods across the street, where perhaps she was waiting. I'm very happy that PABU came back to visit me, and I did a little dance on the pavement in my bare feet. I'm back in the office and no one has called me out on it, so I may have been lucky enough to escape the notice of my co-workers. They are all non-birders, but increasingly, several of them are bringing me pictures and descriptions to ID for them. I may have new recruits soon.
Amy J. Hoffman
Jefferson City
Cole County

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