My son and family took me on a float trip down the upper Piney (Six crossings down to Rich's Last Resort) for Fathers Day,  I heard one Cerulean singing loud and clear. L. Waterthrush everywhere and fledglings running along the bank learning how to forage and hunt. They are so fast and animated and a hoot to watch.
Blue wing, N. Parula, Kentucky, Yellow throated, Common Yellowthroat, Prairie, Ovenbird, and Chat warblers also singing yesterday. Good number of Acadian Flycatcher and Great Crested also. Red eyed and White eyed Vireo letting us know they were around and more Indigo Bunting that I could count. In passing I would be remiss if I did not mention that the Cicada emergence is over, but don't be too upset the even louder and greater in numbers 17 year cicada will emerge in four years. I can't wait! 
Mike Doyen
Rolla, MO.
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