The Thursday group went to Shaw Nature Reserve for the Henslow's that wouldn't show itself at Robertsville SP on an earlier trip.  Thanks to those who posted earlier about their presence at SNR..  He was on the Prairie Trail beyond the Trail House to the right after the trail crosses the road.  Also saw Great Fritillary (sp?) Butterfly among others, and dragonflies and damsel flies.  David Becher heard the Henslow's then spotted him.  He was sitting up and "singing" and didn't stop for about 15 minutes, lots of binocular views and a scope view as well.  We heard and some saw a resident Red-shouldered Hawk screaming away while there, plentiful E Bluebirds, Great Crested Flycatcher, Pat Diener saw a Red-tailed Hawk while she rested in the car while we walked part of the Prairie Trail but missed the Henslow's which flew as soon as she stepped out of the car.  Also pair of E Phoebe's, Great looks at singing YB Chat, Indigo Buntings, Song Sparrows, a Tree Swallow sitting in a bare tree with yet another Brown-headed Cowbird (one of many cowbirds), WB Nuthatch, Tufted Titmouse, singing Baltimore Oriole, Common Yellowthroat, hummingbird and more of the usual residents.   No Lark Sparrow or Blue Grosbeaks showed, though we have seen them there in past years, but there was a male Summer Tanager was seen calling near the Trail House,  E Towhee singing, Song Sparrows...the usual lineup of nesting birds... 
Our next stop was Castlewood for Prothonotary Warbler (heard and seen) and Fish Crows (heard) so took care of those during and after a pleasant lunch in the shade.  It was a beautiful day to be out.  We decided it was too late in the day to expect  the Lark Sparrows  which  had been seen at Darst Bottoms earlier in the week to be out and feeding., so will try on another Thursday trip.  Caught sight of a cuckoo species as we had come into the park.  Small kettle of Turkey Vultures above Hwy 44 on the way back to Des Peres Park lot.
Apologies for late posting and failing to mention all species seen or heard.
Jackie Chain
St Louis County, Maplewood
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