WHAT:     St. Louis area field trip, half day to about noon,  
sponsored by St. Louis Audubon Society.  This is a reschedule of the  
trip from last Saturday.

WHEN:     Saturday, June 25

WHERE:   Meet at the parking lot for the Blue Grosbeak Trail, Weldon  
Spring CA.  Take US 40/I-64 west across the Missouri River to MO-94.   
Exit there, turn left, go across the overpass, and proceed about 3/4  
of a mile to the first parking lot on your left.  We will car pool  
from there for the rest of the morning.

MEETING TIME:   5:45 a.m.

TENTATIVE PLAN:   We will walk in the Blue Grosbeak Trail and look  
for some of the typical breeding birds of that area: Blue Grosbeak,  
Bell's Vireo, Orchard Oriole, Grasshopper Sparrow, Yellow Warbler,  
Yellow-breasted Chat, and many more.  We'll then make a pit stop at  
Busch CA and perhaps check the Fallen Oak Trail for Pine and Hooded  
Warblers before continuing down 94 to more entry points into Weldon  
Spring CA—the Lewis and Clark Trailhead area, the Katy Trail entry,  
and/or the Lost Valley Trail.  If time permits, we might go on to  
Defiance and check the Darst Bottom area for possible Lark Sparrows,  

WHO:   Everyone is welcome, whether a member of St. Louis Audubon  
Society or not.

CONDITIONS:  Please dress appropriately for whatever weather is  
predicted as we get closer.  At this point, predicts  
moderate temperatures but some chance of rain.  Like last week, I  
will be at the meeting place no matter what, and we will see what  
happens.  Sunscreen and bug spray are both good ideas.

See you out there!

Bill Rowe
St. Louis
rowe at

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