This is an edited version of an email this evening from Ann Johnson  
(Iowa) with up to date information on the fire.
Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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  Bob Behrstock house was damaged in Ash Canyon but he didn't know  
how badly.
   Law enforcement was escorting people back into Ash and Stump this  
  to take photos and assess damage.

Mary Jo's place is OK, smoky but OK.  A part of her wall was knocked  
and the area around her house was burned but basically things are  
fine.  Her
neighbor's house is totally gone so it was very close.  Note to self:
straw-bale construction is very fire resistant.

Beatty's - I think they are fine, at least that was one report last  
but they shut down power again yesterday afternoon when the big blow-out
happened out of Miller so he has no computer.  Tom will
probably resurface here one of these hours, although I think there is  
fire in Upper Miller so it may be a while yet.

Tony seems to have dodged a bullet.  Everything at the base of Miller,
except for possibly some damage to one structure on the north side of  
Canyon Road just after you turn off.  Everything to the south was saved.
What the fire fighters accomplished there is nothing short of  
The restaurant (Ricardo's) and bar (Nick's Place) at the Hereford Road
corner are gone, in part because of a leaking propane tank that I think
blew.  They called the fire fighters off of those structures because  
of that
potential.  I believe they also lost a café and realty office in that  
area.  The post office and a couple other businesses are OK and they  
did a
great job of not letting the fire across the road and into more  
areas there.  For the most part they were successful in getting that  
fire directed to where it would cross the road into scrub.  They  
still lost
about 14 homes out in the desert but it could have been so much worse.

Contrary to rumors, the Mesquite Tree is fine but probably smoky.   
The fire
came up to the back fence and that was it.  One mobile home behind  
and to
the north is gone, but like in Lower Miller, everything was saved in  
Carr back to the end of the pavement.  The fire barreled down Carr  
however, and I suspect most of the area around the campgrounds is pretty
well burned.  Some of the photos of flames on the reef were pretty

Ramsey Canyon is still fine and in fact this afternoon I saw some  
photos of
it taken yesterday.  There has been a lot of work in the upper  
elevations to
keep the fire from moving into the Ramsey Canyon drainage and from the
photos and video I've seen today, it looks like so far they have been  

I have also been chatting back and forth with Sheri Williamson.  She  
that in recent years a lot has been done in Miller, Carr, and Ramsey to
mitigate the effects of an eventual fire.  She has been encouraged  
that although the thing has been raging through the undergrowth in  
many photos show no crowning and she thinks a lot of the habitat will  
be a
bit charred but OK.  There will obviously be pockets of forest burn,  
but in
many places it appears to be a cooler fire that may be beneficial.

Winds have shifted today and are to be in single digits tonight so maybe
they will get a good handle on this puppy.  It really hurt yesterday  
to not
be able to fly.  Although there is still smoke, it doesn't look  
nearly as
threatening right now and may actually be shifting back to already  
ground where the fuel supply is low.  Hope so.


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