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I'd like to remind everyone that all these books can usually be purchased
from your local non profit nature shop.  Right now, Friends of Squaw Creek
Nature Shop has most of these in stock.  Non profit means no sales tax which
means it saves you money and you are supporting local nature and
conservation locations.


Christine Kline

Pleasant Hill, MO ~ Cass County

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Following Charlene's links, I would recommend "The Shorebird Guide," by
Michael O'Brien. I believe this is the best shorebird guide out there right
now (haven't seen Chandler's, though). Killer introduction that does a great
job explaining the molt cycles/aging of shorebirds (gotta know that for some
of the more difficult ID's). Excellent species accounts with lots of photos
showing different plumages. Unbelieveable section on rare shorebirds (Ruff,
Stints, Redshanks, Greenshanks, etc.).

Also, Dennis Paulson's "Shorebirds of North America: The Photographic Guide"
is a good one.

These are the two shorebird guides that I use.

Also, to echo Charlene's comments, there is nothing better than field
experience/identifying shorebirds on one's own in the field. However, I have
found "birding by photo" to be instructive, as well. Studying photos that
I've taken has enabled me to really solidify my knowledge of feather
groups/topography and allowed me to get a better handle on the variation in
plumages of many shorebirds.


Doug Willis

Liberty, MO

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