St. Louis area birders:

Sorry to report that the Weldon Spring CA and Busch CA field trip  
this morning had to be cancelled because of bad weather.  A number of  
us showed up at the appointed time and enjoyed hanging out together  
in the shelter of the Busch visitor center to see what would happen.   
The outlook for any kind of morning break in the weather seemed poor,  
however, so we called it off.

Unfortunately, the prediction for tomorrow morning, Sunday, is  
exactly the same: 80% chance of rain, especially in the morning, with  
possibility of severe thunderstorms.  So, contrary to what I just  
suggested to this morning's participants, there will NOT be a  
rescheduled trip tomorrow.  I will talk to Pat Lueders, field trip  
coordinator, about the possibility of rescheduling for next Saturday  
morning, June 25.  An announcement should be posted by Tuesday or  

Bill Rowe
St. Louis
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