I saw some nice birds on my trip in the past few days to Oahu. Many of these are not native species but that's the way it is in Hawaii now. I don't have stock in the company but Oahu Nature Tours has a highlights of Oahu trip with a stop at a 10 acre wetland where I saw the coot, gallinule, duck, and stilt. I would have loved to have seen a honeycreeper, but the only pure birding tours I found were for private parties at $50 hour for 5 hours, so out of my budget! Many Hawaiian birds went extinct due to avain malaria.
Birds seen:
red billed leothrix
red vented bulbul
red crested cardinal
common waxbill
Java sparrow (looks nothing like a sparrow)
great frigatebird
red-footed booby
red-tailed tropicbird
Hawaiian gallinule
Hawaiian coot
black-necked stilt
Hawaiian duck
spotted dove
zebra dove
common myna
Jane Frazier
Jefferson City

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