A friend called today from Richmond Heights to say she had just seen a bird she had never seen before.  It was in size between a robin and a crow; the tail was squared off but opened like a fan in flight.  Rounded head, no crest.  She said the colors were blue and pink, like it was wearing a blouse and skirt.  Chest gray, belly pink she said.  Tail pink but in flight more of an orangey-pink.  Back blue.  It sounds like nothing i have ever seen, so I wondered if it could be an escaped caged bird or something from the Climatron.  My friend is a farm woman so is familiar with the common birds of the midwest, and also San Diego county, so she knows roadrunners, orioles, blackbirds and bluebirds.  Pink soft, but a pink pink.  She has checked her Peterson guide.  She says the colors are similar to the pink of the summer range and the blue of the winter range in the Peterson range maps.
Any ideas?
Dency Kahn   
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Olivette, MO, St. Louis County
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