I was becoming concerned that the Western Kingbirds were not mated, because I had not spotted two at one time this year.  Also, until today I could not locate a nest site at the electric power substation.  Well, my patience payed off today, and I was able to locate the nest, with female on nest, and then the male perched nearby on an iron brace.

Later in the day, I made the run around the east Springfield neighborhood where I have spotted Greater Roadrunners before, but it had been close to two years since the last one in that area.  Reports, reports, reports, reports, but I wasn't spotting them.  Today one was sitting in the grass in the shade of a tree on the NW corner of Latoka, and White Oak Street.  I have always been amazed how totally uninterested they seem to be when you are sitting right next to them in a car.

Charley Burwick
Greater Ozarks Audubon
Greene County
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